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 What are the main features and benefits of Silverlight?
The following are the features of SilverLight:

1. Built in CLR engine are available for deliverd a super high performance execution environment for the browser.
2. Includes rich power framework of built-in class library for using with browser-based applications.
3. Supports WPF Userinterface interface programming model.
4. Provides a managed HTML DOM API which is used for HTML enabled programs of a browser using .NET technology.
5. Silverlight supports PHP or Linux environment. Hence does not require ASP.NET.
6. Permits limited access to file system for applications. An OS native file dialog box can be used for using any file.

The following are the benefits of Silverlight:

1. Supports high quality videos
2. Supports cross-platform and cross-browser applications
3. Features are available for developers with Visual Studio for developing applications very quickly.
4. Most inexpensive way for video streaming over internet at the best possible quality.
5. Supports third party languages such as Ruby, Python, EcmaScript!
6. Supports remote debugging.
7. Provides copy protection.  
8. Flexible Programming Model with Collaboration Tools.
9. High-quality media, low-cost delivery.