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What are the advanced Action classes? Why do you need ForwardAction class?
Advanced Action classes are the built-in Action classes that come with the Struts. These are:
  * ForwardAction
  * IncludeAction
  * DispatchAction
  * LookupDispatchAction
  * SwitchAction

ForwardAction: The ForwardAction acts as a bridge from the current view (JSP) and the pages it links to. It uses the RequestDispatcher to forward to a specified web resource. It is the glue that allows you to link to an action instead of directly to a JSP. It follow the two steps:
  * Use the <html:link> tag with the action attribute, add a link to a JSP page that points to the action.
  * Create an action mapping in the Struts configuration file that uses ForwardAction with the parameter attribute to specify the JSP path.