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What is the use of <logic:redirect/> tag defined by Logic tag library in Struts framework? Describe its attribute?
The <logic:redirect/> tag uses the HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() method to redirect the current request to a resource identified by either the forward, href, or page attributes. The <logic:redirect/> tag has no body and supports 12 attributes: 
  * anchor : Used to append an HTML anchor to the end of a generated resource.
  * forward : Identifies the name of a global forward element that will receive control of the forwarded request.
  * href : Specifies the URL of the resource to forward the current request to.
  * name : Identifies a scripting variable referencing a java.util.Map object whose collection of key/value pairs is used as HTTP request parameters augmenting the redirected request.
  * property : Identifies a bean property of the bean named by the named attribute.
  * scope : Defines the scope of the bean specified by the name attribute.
  * transaction : If set to true, indicates that the current transaction control token should be included in the generated URL.
  * page : Specifies a context-relative path to a resource that will receive control of the current request.
  * paramId : Identifies the name of the requrest parameter that will be added to the generated URL.
  * paramName : Specifies a JSP scripting variable, containing a String reference, that represents the value for the request parameter  named by the paramId attribute.
  * paramProperty : Identifies a bean propertyof the bean named by paramName attribute.
  * paramScope : Specifies the scope of the bean specified by the paramName attribute.