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What is the use of <template:insert/> tag defined by Template  tag library in Struts framework?
The <template:insert/> tag is used to retrieve and insert the contents of the named URI. The <template:insert/> tag acts as the parent to one or more <template:put/>  tags, which act as paremeters to the named template JSP. The <template:insert/> tag has a body type of JSP and a single required attribute template that names the URI of the resource to include as the template. 

  <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/struts-template.tld" prefix="template" %>
    <template:insert template="MyTemplate.jsp" >
      <template:put name="navbar" conten="/navbar.jsp" />
      <template:put name="header" conten="/header.jsp" />
      <template:put name="body" conten="/body.jsp" />
      <template:put name="footer" conten="/footer.jsp" />