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What is Loop Testing ?
Loop testing is bassically a type of White box testing technique that exercises program loops. Loop testing is the testing of a resource or resources multiple times under program control. The looping is controlled by the Diagnostic Controller. Loop testing is only supported when running in maintenance mode or service mode, and Advanced Diagnostic Routines have been chosen.
The user indicates that loop testing is desired at the Test Method menu. The rule associated with loop testing is that user interaction is only allowed on the first and last pass. The diagnostic applications get notification that loop mode has been invoked by obtaining the value of loopmode in the TMInput object class. The following actions should be taken by the DA when loopmode has the following values:
> LOOPMODE_ENTERLM : The Diagnostic Application should perform any tests as usual, plus perform Error Log Analysis if running in Problem Determination mode. 
> LOOPMODE_INLM : The Diagnostic Application should perform any tests as usual, and not Error Log Analysis. 
> LOOPMODE_EXITLM : The Diagnostic Application should not perform any tests, nor perform Error Log Analysis. Instead cleanup procedures should be invoked to remove wrap plugs, etc, before exiting. 
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