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Diff. between STLC and SDLC?
Main Diff are there : 
> STLC is basscially as Software Test Life Cycle it starts with : 
    * Preparing the test strategy.
    * Preparing the test plan.
    * Creating the test environment.
    * Writing the test cases.
    * Creating test scripts.
    * Executing the test scripts.
    * Analyzing the results and reporting the bugs.
    * Doing regression testing.
    * Test exiting. 

> SDLC is bassically stands for software or system development life cycle, phases are : 
    * Project initiation.
    * Requirement gathering and documenting.
    * Designing.
    * Coding and unit testing.
    * Integration testing.
    * System testing.
    * Installation and acceptance testing. " Support or maintenance. 
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