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Having the DB Check point, its able to show the current values in form but its not showing the values that saved in the table
This looks like its happening because the data has been written to the db after our checkpoint, so we have to do a runtime record check Create-->Database Checkpoint-->Runtime 
Record Check.  we may also have to perform some
customization if the data displayed in the 
application is in a different format than the data
in the database by using TSL.  
For example, converting radio buttons to 
database readable form involves the following :
# Flight Reservation
	set_window ("Flight Reservation", 3);
#	edit_set ("Date of Flight:", "16/06/09");

# retrieve the three button states
	button_get_state ( "First", first);
	button_get_state ( "Business", bus);
	button_get_state ( "Economy", econ);

# establish a variable with the correct numeric
#value based on which radio button is set
	if (first)
	if (bus)
	if (econ)
	set_window("Untitled - Notepad",3);
	edit_set("Report Area",service);