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What is the difference between script and compile module?
Mny diff are there :
> Test script contains the executable file in WinRunner while Compiled Module is used to store reusable functions. Complied modules are not executable.
> WinRunner performs a pre-compilation automatically when it saves a module assigned a property value of Compiled Module.
> Modules containing TSL code have a property value of "main". Main modules are called for execution from within other modules. Main modules are dynamically compiled into machine code only when WinRunner recognizes a "call" statement. Example of a call for the "app_init" script :
call cso_init();
call( "C:\MyAppFolder\" & "app_init" );
Compiled modules are loaded into memory to be referenced from TSL code in any module. Example of a load statement :
reload (C:\MyAppFolder\" & "flt_lib");
or load ("C:\MyAppFolder\" & "flt_lib");