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Why you use reload function?
If we make changes in a module, We should reload it. The reload function removes a loaded module from memory and reloads it combining the functions of unload and load .
> The syntax of the reload function is :
reload ( module_name [ ,1|0 ] [ ,1|0 ] );
> The module_name is the name of an existing compiled module.
> Two additional optional parameters indicate the type of module. 
   * The first parameter indicates whether the module is a system module or a user module : 
       1 indicates a system module ; 
       0 indicates a user module.
(Default = 0)
    * The second optional parameter indicates whether a user module will remain open in the WinRunner window or will close automatically after it is loaded. 
* 1 indicates that the module will close automatically.
* 0 indicates that the module will remain open.
(Default = 0) 
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