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WinRunner: Steps to take before recording:
> Before starting to record, you should close all applications that are not required for testing. (Mail, Explorer, Screen Savers, CD Player etc).
> After installing a new version of Test Director and WinRunner, it is a good idea to make a back up copy of the following ini files to another location(testers choice of location). This is recommended to allow the tester to easily reset their WinRunner/TestDirector environment in the event of system corruption.
c:~TestDirectorin	d.ini
> Make sure your system is set up with all the necessary library functions that have been created.
> Make sure you create a GUI map and font group for each project.
> In the tsl_init file add the command GUI_close_all();. This command will make sure that no GUI maps are loaded when you bring up the WinRunner application. The benefit of this approach is that it will force the tester to load the correct GUI map for their testing, thus preventing scripting errors and other complications.
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