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WinRunner: Commands and Checkpoint Verification information for Web:
> Must do a set_window(); command for each action on a new window, this will assist the script in recognizing/resetting the window state and help prevent scripts failing due to slow network/system performance.
> Must add report_msg or tl_step command after each test to record what happens in the test.
> A obj_check_qui statement checks only one object on the window, and win_check_qui statement checks multiple objects in the window.
> The single property check allows you to check a single property of an object. The single property check dialog will add one of the following functions to your script.
The Object/Window check allows you to check every default object in the window. After it has completed it inserts an obj_check_gui statement in your script.
The Multiple Objects check allows you to check two or more objects in the window. This selection works best, because it first brings up the checkpoint window, then after the user selects add you can navigate to the AUT. Also, for some reason, the data in the object is retrieved with this feature but not the object/window check. After it has completed it inserts a win_check_gui statement in your script.
> There are 3 main types of GUI checks you can do with WinRunner. Single Property and Object/Window checks, and Multiple Objects.
> There are 35 Web functions, that come with the web test add-in. For the full list please see the TSL reference guide. The table below lists the most commonly used functions.

Function 	           Description
web browser invoke 	Invokes the browser and opens a specified site.
web image click 	Clicks a hypergraphic link or an image.
web label click 	Clicks the specified label.
web link click 	Clicks a hypertext link.
web link valid 	Checks whether a URL name of a link is valid (not broken).
web obj get info 	Returns the value of an object property.
Needs a set_window command to be run before used
web obj get text 	Returns a text string from an object.
web obj text exists 	Returns a text value if it is found in an object.
web sync 	Waits for the navigation of a frame to be completed.
web url valid 	Checks whether a URL is valid
web find text 	Returns the location of text within a page.

> Most of the Web Test functions do not return a value to the test log, in order to record a pass or fail, conditional logic will have to be added to your code below the web function to send a tl_step or report_msg to the log