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Explain Get Text checkpoint from object/window with syntax?
You can use text checkpoints in your test scripts to read and check text in GUI objects and in areas of the screen. While creating a test you point to an object or a window containing text. WinRunner reads the text and writes a TSL statement to the test script. You may then add simple programming elements to your test scripts to verify the contents of the text.
b. You can use a text checkpoint to:
i. Read text from a GUI object or window in your application, using obj_get_text and win_get_text
ii. Search for text in an object or window, using win_find_text and obj_find_text
iii. Move the mouse pointer to text in an object or window, using obj_move_locator_text and win_move_locator_text
iv. Click on text in an object or window, using obj_click_on_text and win_click_on_text