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 What is way of writing testcases for database testing?
Many ways are there : 
We have to do the following for writing the database testcases.
1. First of all we have to understand the functional requirement of the application throughly.
2. Then we have to find out the back end tables used, joined used between the tables, cursors used, tiggers used, stored procedures used, input parmeter used and output parameters used for developing that requirement.
3. After knowing all these things we have to write the testcase with different input values for checking all the paths of SP. One thing writing testcases for backend testing not like functinal testing. We have to use white box testing techniques. To write testcase for database its just like functional testing.
1. Objective : Write the objective that you would like to test. eg: To check the shipment that i load thru xml is getting inserted for perticular customer.
2. Write the method of input or action that you do. eg: Load an xml with all data which can be added to a customer.
3. Expected : Input should be viewd in database. eg: The shipment should be loaded sucessfully for that customer,also it should be seen in application.
4. We can write ssuch type of testcases for any functionality like update,delete etc.
>>> At first we need to go through the documents provided. Need to know what tables, stored procedures are mentioned in the doc.Then test the functionality of the application. Simultaneously, start writing the DB testcases.. with the queries we have used at the backend while testing, the tables and stored procedures we have used in order to get the desired results. Trigers that were fired. Based on the stored procedure we can know the functionality for a specific peice of the application. So that we can write queries related to that. From that we make DB testcases also.