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Flow Control 
The following are keywords used to control the flow through a block of code : 
> Break : Its use in the block of code .
> Case : Its implement in a block of code, dependent on what the switch tests for.
> Continue : When its wokring in the block code its Stops the rest of the code following this statement from executing in a loop and then begins the next iteration of the loop.
> Default : Its implemented this block of code if none of the switch-case statements match.
> Do : Its implement a block of code one time, then, in conjunction with the while statement, It is executing a test to determine whether the block should be executed again.
> Else : Its implement an alternate block of code if an if test is false.
> For : Its using perform a conditional loop for a block of code.
> If : Its executing logical test for true or false.
> Instanceof : It is use fr the determining an object is an instance of a class, superclass, or interface.
> Return : When its use in the programs its use for the Returns from a method without executing any code that follows the statement can optionally return a variable.
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