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Declaring an Array
Array declration is bassically by stating the type of element the array with hold , which can be primitive or an object also .which is followed to be square bracket to the left or right of the identifiers,

> Declaring an Array of Primitives : 

int[] key; // Square brackets before name (recommended)
int key []; // Square brackets after name (legal but less readable)
> Declaring an Array of Object References : 

     Thread[] threads; // Recommended
     Thread threads []; // Legal but less readable
                 When we would like to declare a reference , We should have always in our mind, when our declartion is complete we should put the array bracket . and also put after identifier.becouse if we dont put the bracket then anyone reading the code .
for example : key is a reference to an int array object, and not an int primitive.
            We can also declare multidimentional arrays , Which is in fact arrays on arrays , That are follwing as : 
String[][][] occupantName;
String[] ManagerName [];
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