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What is JNI ?
JNI stands for Java Native Interface. The Java 
Native Interface (JNI) enables the integration of 
code written in the Java programming language 
with code written in other languages such as C 
and C++. It allows programmers to take full 
advantage of the Java platform without having to 
abandon their investment in legacy code. JNI lets 
Java code use code and code libraries written in 
other languages, such as C and C++, and allows 
you to call Java code from within native code. 
The JNI allows writing native methods to handle 
situations when an application cannot be written 
entirely in the Java programming language e.g. 
when the standard Java class library does not 
support the platform-specific features or program 
library. The JNI framework lets a native method 
utilize Java objects in the same way that Java 
code uses these objects.
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