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Key Interfaces and Classes of the Collections Framework
Now we are discussing abut key interfaces of the collection frame work .its a mportent to knw whats the purpose of the each of the key interfaces.and also use the collections.and we also know that how can i choose based on a stated requirement.The collections API begins with a group of interfaces, but also gives us a truckload of concrete classes. that interface are six which is folowing here  : 
> Collection
> set
> Sorted Set
> list 
> map
> Sorted Map.
Map Impl.       |Set Impl.       | list impl.   |
HashMap         |HashSet         |ArrayList     |
Hashtable       |LinkedHashSet   |Vector        |
TreeMap         |TreeSet         |LinkedList    |
LinkedHashMap   |                |              |
            Not all collections in the Collections Framework actually implement the Collection interface. In other words, not all collections pass the IS-A test for Collection.