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Is JSP extensible ?
Yes! JSP is extensible. PolyJsp is an extensible JSP  implementation designed to support multiple scripting languages  and multiple JSP versions. PolyJsp is completely based on XML and XSL and supports Java, Javascript and WebL  as scripting languages.
Except JSP directives (<%@ %>), declarations (<% %>), scriptlets (<% %>) and expressions (<%= %>),  PolyJsp introduces a few (optional) extensions to JSP :

    * A <%@ version="..." > directive
      Useful to instruct the parser to use a version other than the default (currently 0.92)
    * A <%@ contenttype="..."> directive
      Useful for cases in which the expected output MIME type is other than text/html
    * A <header name="..." value="...">
      Useful to set response headers. Example: set expires to control browser chaching 
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