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What are the Array?How to define and declare them?
Basically Array are the collection of same data type.It has common name and addressed as a group.

Declaration of an Array:
We have to declare Array also as a single data object.
int Array[10];
 In this array of integers are created.Than first member in the array are addressed as Array[0] and last member has been declared as Array[9].
#define MAX_SIZE 10
int Array[MAX_SIZE];
int n;
for (n = 1; n <= MAX_SIZE; n++)
   Array[n] = n;

Definition of an Array:
We know that we declare an array like that,
int Array[10];
  When an array is external, it must be defined
in any other source files that may need to access it. Because you don�t want the compiler
to reallocate the storage for an array, you must tell the compiler that the array is allocated externally and that you want only to access the array.