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How you define elements in HTML?
 Basically HTML element are those who define the structure of HTML document.It is used to arrange the content of HTML is an appropriate manner. Element may be of headings, links, paragraphs and structures etc.
When you want to create any HTML element than keep these points in mind.
1.Element should open with the start tag.
2.After that can include attributes with their values.Like: name="Abhi"
3.Than you write content.Like:This is our first HTML page.
4.and close with end tag.(but is optional when you want to create an empty element than their is no need to close your open tag)In HTML your content may be empty.
   <p  name="Abhi">My first HTML page</p>
|Open|Attribute name|     Content    |End|    
|tag |with value    |                |tag| 
--------------HTML element----------------
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